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  • nirholas

    Hi there-

    I am wondering if this has already been asked or if this option is available?

    When a user signs up, they are assigned as an author in WordPress. When they make a listing they are then assigned as a contributor. When a user is a contributor, they are assigned a ‘/vendor/’ profile link. Example: hivepress.io/vendor/nich

    First question, how can i change the format for the /vendor/ to something like ‘/profile/’ or ‘/freelancer/’

    Second, most important question:

    Is it possible to assign a profile for those who post a request, but are only posting requests?

    I believe those who are purchasing listings or posting requests should also have a profile.

    Thank you for the great service and for all the help.

    ihor developer

    1. Possible with a simple code snippet, please check this topic https://hivepress.io/support/topic/changing-vendor-profile-link/#post-5237
    2. There’s no such feature at the moment, but profiles for regular users are on the roadmap.


    Thank you so much!

    Would that be an update or would I need to purchase a new theme?

    ihor developer

    It’ll be added to the core HivePress plugin so it will become available for all themes, you don’t have to purchase anything separately.


    Thank you so much 🙂

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