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Publishing paid listing

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  • vheo

    Hi, i’ve HivePress with Paid Listing. I use WooCommerce, PayPal and standard bank transfer payment gate. Everything is fine until the moment when the ad should be publish. In steps:
    1. User must login -> OK
    2. User must fill lisitng form -> OK
    3. User must choose package to buy -> OK
    4. User must fill woocommerce form and choose payment method -> OK

    If PM is Paypal:
    4.1 User must pay online -> OK
    4.2 Order now is in progress, payment is done but listing is still not published. To publish it user must re-visit “add listing” bookmark. When user click this bookmark after payment the previous ordered listing is published. There is no auto publishing listing after finishing payment. -> BUG?

    If PM is standard bank transfer:
    4.1 User must pay -> OK
    4.2 We must change order status to in progress/completed -> OK
    4.3 Same situation as in paypal method. To publish order user must re-visit bookmark with listing add form (listing is published automatically whenever user open this bookmark) -> BUG?

    5. Ad is visible in dashboard only after publishing it. There is no way to make it visible in dashboard whit status ‘waiting to be payment’ or sth like this?

    Plugins are up to date.

    ihor developer


    Please make sure that order gets “processing” or “completed” status after the PayPal payment (for bank transfer you should do this manually), then if user is redirected back to the “Thank You” WooCommerce page there will be a redirect to the listing submission process. I tested this with PayPal sandbox and this issue occurs only if user is redirected before the PayPal notifies the site about the payment (and marks order as “processed), you can try setting some delay before redirecting users back to your site (for example 5 seconds).


    Ok, I’ll check the paypal delay but what with bank transfer? In this case I must set status manually and then now we must wait to user to come back to website and re-visit add listing site.


    Unfortunately, problem is not connected with payment method. Problem is this that listing isnt automatically published when order status is changed to processing/completed.
    1. Status must be processing/completed (it doesnt matter if its done by paypal api or manually)
    2. User must re-visit /subimt-listing route
    3. Now listing is published

    Everything will be fine without step2 and connection step1 with step3. How can i fix it?

    ihor developer

    I tested this yesterday with PayPal sandbox, if order is marked as completed or processing before user is redirected back to the site (“thank you” page) then user will be redirected to the listing submission process. There’s a condition that checks the order status on the “thank you” page, you can try changing order status as administrator and then refreshing this page – there should be a redirect to the “listing submitted” page.

    Unfortunately this will not work with offline payment methods like bank transfer, because there’s no way to check if the order is paid, this has to be done manually. There may be a workaround – you can add a link to the listing submission to the “order completed” email with instructions. I know it’s confusing for offline payment methods, and I’ll try to improve this process in the next version.


    How can i add link to email with order confirmation?
    I think that may be problem because now:
    1. Admin can’t see which listing is he confirming. The best way imo it’ll be to add listing to dashboard as a draft until the order will be confirmed. In this case admin will see which order is connected with which payment (by author name, order date).
    2. What if user will click link from mail (to confirm listing) e.g. after 3 days from payment? Listing expiration date will be counted from clicking link date or from payment date?


    ihor developer

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll try to improve the listing submission process. Currently these listings have the “auto draft” status so they are not visible in WordPress.

    2. Expiration date is set only when listing is published, so there’s no difference if user clicks on this link in 3 days. You can edit the “order completed” email in WooCommerce/Settings/Emails section.


    I changed in code auto-draft to draft and now listings are added as draft post. Maybe that’s not good solve but it works :p
    I’ve got one more question – is it possible to change expiration date of listing as admin or to check this date in dashboard?

    ihor developer

    Please don’t make this change because it may break the submission process (unless you change it everywhere in the plugin code, but these changes will be erased on update).

    The expiration and featuring date fields will be added to the next version of HivePress, it will be released this weekend.


    Thx for reply. I changed it everywhere i think but could u please think about changing auto-draft to draft in future update? I think its good idea to let admin publish listing manually (e.g. as a free listing for best client)

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll consider adding this feature, currently you can try using coupons for this purpose, for example giving a 100% discount for some package to certain customers.

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