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  • Cyberbee

    For the marketplace extension, I would like to know the following:
    1. The function of the ‘dispute’ option and the workflow when a dispute is raised.
    2. How can the seller close the order?
    The order completion mail is not being sent when the admin closes the order. How to enable that?

    Please help out.

    ihor developer

    1. The dispute form just sends an email to the site administrator, then you can continue the conversion via email (the email notification will contain the order link and ID).
    2. Only buyers and admins can mark orders as completed, please make sure that orders get the “processing” status when paid, and then marked as completed once the order is delivered.


    Hey ihor,
    Thanks for your inputs.
    However, after purchasing the extension, when I was testing the features,
    1. The dispute feature does not seem to do anything (no mails either). what could be wrong?
    Also, by “continue the conversion via email” do you mean the conversation between the administrator and the buyer?
    Fiverr notifies sellers as well when a dispute is raised and the buyer and seller can work to resolve it mutually. Can’t this be made to work like that?
    2. Fiverr also lets sellers close orders I believe. Not sure how to implement this: “orders get the “processing” status when paid, and then marked as completed once the order is delivered”. Your advice? Can’t this be simplified/automated to minimize the admins involvement?
    Also, what if a certain buyer goes astray and decides not to close the order. How to deal with that?

    ihor developer

    1. Yes, sorry I meant conversation. If the email is not delivered please try installing this plugin and linking it with GMail (or other email service provider, e.g. if your hosting provider offers domain-based emails).

    2. It should work this way by default, please let me know which status is set after the order is placed and paid on your site. There’s a feature on the roadmap that will close orders automatically in case if the buyer disappears (it’ll be added to the next Marketplace update), as a temporary workaround please consider checking pending orders once 2-3 weeks (in WooCommerce/Orders section) and mark them as completed, sellers may also contact the marketplace owner if the buyer stops responding.


    Hey Ihor! Sorry for the delay in getting back. I rechecked after installing and configuring the WP SMTP plugin and I did not receive any mails or notifications (in WP dashboard) for:
    a. Payout Requests made by sellers to admin
    b. Disputes raised (Nothing happens after the buyer clicks dispute and submits a complaint)
    Please look into these issues.

    Also, please let me know if you had released the tiered commission functionality in this release?

    Some other queries I had:

    1. How do I customize the header menu? Like add background color to header etc.
    2. Similar to Fiverr, how can the seller ask for an input form/field for the required details for the order right after the buyer makes a purchase and where can the buyer update them?

    ihor developer

    Please check outgoing emails via the “Test Email” option in WP Mail SMTP. If this issue persists you can send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it. Sorry, the tiered commission feature is not available yet.

    1. You can customize menu items in Appearance/Menus section. If you mean some custom styling, this would require CSS tweaks (the main colors and backgrounds can be changed via the Appearance/Customize section).

    2. At the moment the only way to do this is via the Order Note field (or asking the buyer after the payment, via messages).


    The configuration was done successfully and I am receiving all other mails such as the ones for account creation, new listing, order placement, messages, order completion etc. except any mail or notification for payout requests or disputes like I said earlier. Is there some other actions required to trigger those mails? Do these mails/notifications get triggered in the Demo site or other live sites? I believe it is best if you could recheck that first?

    Like you said earlier, could you please kindly add the tiered commission feature in the next release of the marketplace extension?

    Also wanted to mention – I believe when a vendor updates a listing, the contributor role gets assigned to the vendor and the wp backend dashboard gets accessible to them. How to prevent that?

    ihor developer

    Sorry for the late reply.

    1. Yes, I tested this locally and it seems to work, if possible send temporary WP access via email to and I’ll check this directly on your site. You can send temporary access via this plugin

    2. Thanks, will consider adding this feature (it’s already added to the project backlog).

    3. I recommend blocking the dashboard for anyone except administrators, you can try using this plugin


    Thanks Ihor. I have shared the access over mail. Kindly check and help out.


    Hi Ihor, Hope you are well and safe.
    Had a few queries:
    1. Could you please tell me a decent way to get payout addresses of the sellers (Paypal emails etc.)?
    2. Is it possible for sellers to provide custom offers similar to that in Fiverr?
    3. How to change the size of the Message Box?

    ihor developer


    1. This depends on the payout methods you allow, you can try adding a custom description to the Details field in the payout form (e.g. “Provide your PayPal email address or the SWIFT bank details…”)

    2. There’s no such feature at the moment, but users can send custom private requests to vendors (via their profile pages).

    3. If you mean changing the textarea field heights this requires CSS customizations.


    Thanks. That snippet in the other thread helped.

    2. Is the custom private request to vendors option available with the Marketplace extension?
    I only see a ‘Send Message’ option in the profile page.

    3. Yes you are right. I was looking for the CSS codes to make the white Popup Box and the Message Field that appears on clicking ‘Send Message’ & ‘Reply to Listing’ a little wider/larger.

    Appreciate all your support!

    ihor developer

    2. The requests functionality is implemented in the Requests extension, the Marketplace extension just implements the payment and commission features (so it’s possible to buy listings).

    3. You can try this CSS snippet:

    .fancybox-container .hp-field--textarea {min-height: 10rem}

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