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Question about displaying details only for registered users only

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  • Peter John

    @ihor I have a question about displaying all the details without login on the website. Is there any way to force the customers to register to see the details? For example the price part as in your demo template? I mean only when you are logged in you could see the pricing showing.

    This is the value part what I would like to enable when the customer logged in:
    Listing – Display:
    Areas: Block (primary) Page (primary)
    Format: <b>Code:</b> %value%

    Is there any way to to enable these details for registered users only?


    It’s possible with the Memberships extension You can create a free membership and select attributes that you want to be restricted. Also, you can sell premium memberships (e.g. to show more attributes, or allow messaging/reviews).

    Peter John

    Thank you! I will buy this extension.


    Thanks, I hope it’ll meet your requirements.

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