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Question about functionality

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  • Syver Tar

    There was such an inscription, Create a page for each attribute options, I would like to know what it is responsible for, what functionality it has and what exactly it does and how. Thank you in advance

    Syver Tar

    I was looking for a description, but I didn’t find it, but I would like to know

    ihor developer

    If there’s a selectable attribute, you can check the Create a page for each attribute option in the attribute Display section and each attribute option will have its own page like listing categories do.


    Hello, The pages are not created when I select this option. What should I do to make them appear please ?


    @Zakarya, the pages will not be created automatically. You need to create the page manually. Having done that, if you go to your attribute setting and click the edit options you will see view under each attributes. Clicking this “view” will take you to the pages you open for them.

    Although what I could still not figure out is how site users will find these attributes clickable.

    For instance if attribute options appeared on listing page and users put cursor on it, it won’t be clickable.

    However, i believe @ihor can shed more light on this.

    yevhen developer

    @zakarya Please refresh permalinks after you select this option. Then page of each attribute will be by this link your-website/listing-attribute_slug/option_slug (you can check each option by click button Edit options in attribute)

    yevhen developer

    @mindengrave thank you


    Hi @yevhen
    Tried every possible senario of your link about and nothing is working.

    As per your advise above if the attribute slug is (listing-type) and the option slug is (red-cars) would the url be …


    Thanks in advance 🙂

    ihor developer

    The public attribute URL slug would be /listing-type/red-cars in this case. Please check the attribute Slug (enable it via the Screen Options at the top if there’s no Slug field on the attribute edit page), you can also refresh permalinks if this doesn’t work as expected.


    Hi @ihor,
    your-website/listing-type/red-cars does not work.
    Do I need to update
    Settings > Permalinks > Product attribute base

    Flushed permalinks. Checked slugs. Ticked – Create a page for each attribute option

    For the category urls I have to do the following (category – cars)

    Do I need to include the category as well?

    I’ve also tried …
    But this doesn’t work.

    Any suggestions as to what I could be doing wrong?

    ihor developer

    Please edit this attribute and click the Edit Options button, then you can click on any of the options added there to check the actual URL. If you checked the “Create a page…” option for this attribute then its options work in the same way as listing categories, just with a different slug.


    OMG @ihor,
    listing-type was my attribute slug, this has been the confusing factor.
    So in my case the url is …

    GO IT FINALLY!!! 🙂

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