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  • Peter John

    Hello @ihor,

    It looks like the listings page has somehow become corrupt.
    The live page works just fine, but when trying to edit the page the editor comes up completely blank.
    Anything new that I am trying to add does not show up.

    Is there an easy way to rebuild the page?

    I would at least be looking to add the following back:
    Top search bar
    Category search section on the left
    And of course all the listing to show up.

    If it means creating a new page from scratch and you could provide the widget/ code to use that would be great as well. The top search bar is easy enough to find, but having trouble identifying the other two.

    Thank you


    If you mean the page that you selected as Listings Page in HivePress settings it should be blank when you edit it, because its content is replaced anyway (with the listings template implemented by HivePress). On the front-end, it should look like this

    Peter John

    That is correct, that would be the page. Is there away I can adjust the content? The search bar widget was removed at some point and I would like to get it back on the page.

    Thank you.


    I guess it’s hidden with some custom CSS snippet or other customizations because it’s built into the page template and can’t be removed without customizations.

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