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Question about listings – attributes- edit option

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    I have a question about: listings – attributes – edit option.

    I am making a filter option based on the select option where people can click on a country for example. Is there any way to export the attributes with the edit options attributes to CSV or XML file and after that to import the bulk information into this place? This would save a lot of time for me instead of doing it manually.

    I already look for a plugin (WordPress Awesome Import & Export Plugin – V 3.2) but neither one of those are doing the import at the right place where the attributes of the edit options.

    This is an example of an xml export with a tool I used to export the attributes from the taxonomy: <wp:term><wp:term_id>41</wp:term_id><wp:term_taxonomy>hp_listing_sq_footage</wp:term_taxonomy><wp:term_slug>austria</wp:term_slug><wp:term_parent></wp:term_parent><wp:term_name><![CDATA[Austria]]></wp:term_name></wp:term>

    How can I identify these for an export? I would then add entries to the export and then import again.

    ihor developer

    If there are some attributes with a lot of options and you have to manage them outside WordPress then you can try using WP All Import, seems to work for other users (there’s only a minor caching issue) https://hivepress.io/support/topic/import-listing/ Attributes are stored as custom post meta and taxonomies so any advanced WP import plugin should be able to handle these.

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