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Question about membership options (subscriptions, plans, etc)

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    Is it possible to use the paid membership plugin to allow users to subscribe (recurring monthly charge until cancelled) to different plans? For example 1) Basic membership for $5 per month includes up to 3 active listings, 2) Silver membership for $15 per month includes up to 15 active listings, 3) Gold membership for $25 per month includes up to 30 active listings, etc, etc. Member can buy additional credits for featured listings or the each plan could allow X amount of featured listings.

    I’m guessing not, but just thought I’d mention it in case anyone likes the idea.


    ihor developer


    If you mean limits on adding listings this is implemented via the Paid Listings extension, the Memberships extension limits viewing listings (so you can charge regular users for viewing some valuable info). Both extensions (Memberships and Paid Listings) don’t have support for recurring billing at the moment, but thanks for your suggestion – this feature has a high priority and will most likely be implemented in the upcoming updates.


    Hi Ihor. Do you have an update on the recurring billing option and/or an ETA? So sellers can choose to make some of their products a recurring paid product, so that a buyer “subscribes” to the product and pays $100 each month for example.

    ihor developer

    Sorry, there’s no ETA for this feature. This topic was related to Memberships/Paid Listings (not Marketplace), but thanks – I’ll check if it’s possible to implement something like a marketplace of subscriptions.


    Oh, my mistake! 🙂 Thanks for swift response.

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