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Question re Navigation menu on demo site

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  • Aizen

    Hi Ihor,

    Just a quick question please. What is the purpose of the link in the top menu of the demo site ‘pages’ and all it’s sub pages?

    Also, if I wanted to have 2 pages showing listings for instances, let’s say I have a classifieds site for dating and I want to separate ladies and gents

    Could I have 1 page displaying ONLY ladies with all the search/filter functions and a separate page showing just men? Is this possible?





    I added these links just to demonstrate the available layouts, these links are not required (I just manually added a link to one listing and one vendor).

    Currently the only way to create such pages is filtering listing, then you can copy the URL and add different menu items in Appearance/Menus section. If you use listing categories as genders you can also use category pages.

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