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Questions about: Account deletion front-end, does not delete associated listings

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  • Peter John

    @ihor I am currently seeing two issues:
    1. When a member users tries to delete their account themselves, the account is deleted, including the vendor associated with that account. But the listings associated with the account are not. Is this a known issue? Is there a way to delete ‘all content’ from the front-end as it works in the back-end (dashboard)?

    2. When logging in using a social account(in this case Google), and trying to delete the account from the front-end, the process appears to be stuck in a loop where it keeps generating the message password in correct even when typing in the correct password.

    Thank you!


    Thanks for reporting these issues, I’m working on the next HivePress version and will check them. With social login password is generated automatically, please make sure that you changed (e.g. by resetting) it and you enter the correct password.

    Peter John

    Thank you, it looks like resetting the password in the back-end for the social login and then trying to delete the account works.(Same listings not being deleted is here as well).

    Looking forward to the new version where this is fixed.

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