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    Hi Igor is there any changes in the list: 1. Make the field for the free package optional (The Most Popular Question)1.1. Will there be an update with the Live Press Messages plugin? (Block, Delete messages, Complain about the seller)1.2. Booking extensions will work without the marketplace will it be possible to place only in certain categories 1.3. When the update with the adaptive design is released, the my ad page in the mobile version 1.4. If the attribute is not global, you still need to place it in the general filter, for example, the price attribute in some categories, I do not need to fill it in, I do not need it to go out in some categories 1.5. Will there be updates in the HivePress plugin Reviews (write reviews to sellers, each user has to write only 1 review) 1.6. Will the ad be indexed in the browser (Yandex, Google)


    1.7. And how to read other people’s messages to prevent fraud?

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestions. There will be updated for all of the HivePress extensions one by one, but we have limited resources at the moment. The next extension that will be updated is the Marketplace one.

    Please check the existing solutions on the forum to make the messages public and available in WordPress/Comments section.


    @ihor Thank you, I just want to know if all these items will be in the HivePress update and if the HivePress update will be released this month. In fact, there are a lot of questions, but I hire a specialist for the rest of the questions, but we also really need these points.

    It turns out that if I make the message public, I will be able to read any user messages as an administrator or moderator, and I will need to register this item in the privacy policy?
    Sincerely capitalss2

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no guaranteed ETA and a list of features, since the core plugin is open-source and we have pretty limited resources at the moment (currently looking for more developers to join our team). In any case, every update contains some fixes, features and improvements from the roadmap.

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