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Questions and doubt about Paid Listings

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  • randys

    Hello, the more I know this plugin the more impressed I am, it is fantastic.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Is it possible to show a list of packages on a page without the need for the user to be logged in? For example: I would create a page called plans and there would be the values of the packages.
    Like this: https://imgur.com/h4dD9OA

    2. I need the seller to select the package before submitting the listing form, as currently the packages only appear when the user submits the form.

    3. I use a recurring payment plugin in Woocommerce on HivePress, are the packages also renewed?

    ihor developer


    1. Yes, you can try using a Listing Packages block for this (in the same way as for Listings).

    2. There’s no such option at the moment, it appears after the listing form because the price may depend on some listing details (e.g. category).

    3. The packages don’t have an expiration date, their limit is the number of listings, so the package is removed from the user account only when this limit is exceeded.


    Thanks for the answer!


    @Randy how is Netlify working out for you? Please say what advantages you have with them vs other host.

    Thanks in Advance!


    @ihor Thanks for the answers, but I have some other questions now 🙂

    1. If I create a package of 3 listings with a validity of 30 days, while the user does not use these 3 listings, will the package not expire even exceeding those 30 days?

    2. Since the packages expire when the number of listings exceeds, how do I charge a fixed amount per month to a user, without that package expiring?
    ** However, the user cannot exceed the number of listings defined in the month.

    ihor developer

    1. Yes, the package itself doesn’t expire, the listings expire – so this is the listing expiration date.

    2. There’s no such option at the moment, because packages are not subscriptions – user purchases the ability to add some limited number of listings for some flat fee, the package itself has no time limit. There may be a workaround – if you set the expiration date to 30 days this means that added listings will expire, users will have to re-purchase the package to renew them, so it’s like paying once a month to keep the listings visible.

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