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    ihor, how to do to change the fonts and alignments of both the home list frames and the list page itself as in this print? (I will send it separately, when I send more than two links the post on the support will not go): https://prnt.sc/ss9ejk


    And here: https://prnt.sc/ss9fff


    Second question, note: https://prnt.sc/ss9gsn I managed to change practically all strings with the loco, except this name HivePress. How can I change it? I’ve tried to sync, changed and nothing. Would? Thank you my friend!


    ihor, as far as the font has already been obtained, but I still have doubts in the alignment, to give more spacing in the items of both the list boxes and the list page itself. Thank you!


    If you mean adding more space between attributes or re-styling them you can try doing this via custom CSS snippets, you can use the following CSS classes:

    .hp-listing__attributes--secondary – this is the attributes container.
    .hp-listing__attributes--secondary .hp-listing__attribute – this is a single attribute.

    Also, you can customize them completely by overriding this template part https://github.com/hivepress/hivepress/blob/master/templates/listing/view/page/listing-attributes-secondary.php

    It seems to be ListingHive theme on the screenshots, then fonts can be changed in Appearance/Customize/Fonts section.

    I’m afraid that changing the “HivePress” label is not possible because it’s fetched from the plugin file details (line 3) https://github.com/hivepress/hivepress/blob/master/hivepress.php and it’s not translatable.

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