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Rating showing up on vendors list but not on listing page

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    I am using the reviews extension, and ratings (stars) appear on the vendor page
    but not on the listings page
    how can I enable ratings to be displayed like attributes on the main or secondary block?


    This is strange, please make sure that there were no code changes that may cause this issue, also you can try refreshing the site cache and reject/approve one of the reviews in WordPress/Comments section, this should trigger the rating calculation.

    I have two approved comments on different listings, I refreshed the cache and the only code I added is CSS and I tried taking it all away to see if something was overlapping or hiding the rating but it’s not that. I checked and the plugin is updated, what else could it be?


    Please try to unapprove/approve one of the reviews and check the listing page, if this issue persists and there are no caching plugins that may cause this please send temporary WP access to and I’ll check it.


    I’ve looked further into the Extension code and it appears that the function get_rating() is returning false, hence the reviews cannot be shown in the listings page. I don’t quite understand the function get_rating from class-review.php. It receives $listing_ids as a parameter and then validates that these listing_ids are valid, but I’m not sure how is it trying to get the id from the listing in listing-ratings.php.


    Seems like this occurs with WordPress 5.5+ only, I guess they changed something in the “wp_comments” table schema. Will update this extension as soon as possible.


    Thanks a lot! I can roll back to a previous WP version until then, there seems to be no issue with those. Until then, we’ll wait for the update.


    Hi ihor,

    Wanted to find out if there is an update on this thread? I’m having the same issue of reviews not showing on the listings page only on vendors page. I’m on WordPress 5.5.1

    secondly, is it possible to allow reviews to posted by posting stars alone (as an option) rather than requiring followup text and having it as an option rather


    I still can’t reproduce this locally, this issue seems to be specific to caching settings or hosting providers. You can send temporary WP access via email to to help to detect this issue, if there’s a bug it will be fixed.

    It’s possible to make the review text optional, but this requires a custom code snippet.

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