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Recurring booking

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  • leonard

    Hi Ihorr,

    Is there a recurring booking feature on the booking extension? Like if the client once to book every tuesday’s from 4pm – 5pm for the next 4 weeks? if not, I would like to customize it for my platform or chip in to help update the extension?



    My vendors want to list a service and charge more for a 5 – 6 week commitment from the customer and my customer wants to book for 1 per week for the next 5 weeks. With the current version, they have to click each day multiple times. Can you help update the booking extension?


    ihor developer

    Hi Leonard,
    Sorry, there’s no such feature at the moment, but it may be possible with customizations. The easiest way would be duplicating bookings (depending on the number of weeks selected) automatically. Please send as many details as possible and we’ll try to estimate this feature


    Hi Ihor, I have submitted a customization request for this feature. Please let me know when you can help me with that. thanks

    ihor developer

    Sorry for the inconvenience, we got too many support and customization requests over the last few days, our project manager should reply as soon as possible.


    Hi ihor, I need this feature too!!!!!!!!

    Can you prioritize the feature, it’s revenue impacting, and we might lose our customers because of it!

    If you can make it similar to google calendar recurring events, that user can choose time of the day, and select recurring (weekly, by weekly, …,customize) that will be very very helpful!

    And the payment can be proceed upon each booking. User should be able to cancel it as well.

    I know it’s a bit complex, but this is really a big deal for recurring revenue for us, save so much time from users.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, we’ll consider adding it, recurring billing is already possible for Marketplace and we’ll plan to implement this for Bookings.

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