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Redirect destination page for “my account”

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  • Bemay1

    Hi, when user clicks the my account icon (mobile) or his username (pc) it redirects to normal settings page… My question is, how to redirect to a custom page?
    Thank you!

    yevhen developer

    This would require overriding the template part with this link via a child theme. By default, user is always redirected to the first item in the account menu.


    After thinking about the last sentence you wrotte i though about an alternative way and got it:

    	function( $menu ) {
    		$menu['items']['custom_item_name'] = [
    			'label'  => 'Minha Conta',
    			'url'    => '',
    			'_order' => 0,
    		return $menu;

    If somebody else needs, you just need to change the fields “label” and “url”

    ihor developer

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    Hi there!

    Can the label be customized a bit so that it can contain also a fontawesome icon?
    Or to make it look like an actual button?


    yevhen developer

    Could you clarify what label you mean?


    The menu element (the text) to have am icon after or before it

    yevhen developer

    Unfortunately label can not be customised to contain a fontawesome icon in the current version. But you can add button under menu with customising template. Here is useful tutorial how to customise templates

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