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Redirect to listing page after registering: “Free” users

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  • Pau N

    Hi Ihor, i have two types of clients who wants to see listings and no post listings, the one who pays for membership to see full listing and contact the people in them, so the path is:

    Button i’m interested -> plan page -> register -> buy membership/woocomerme -> redirects to full listing page.

    And the user who only wants to see the listings for free ( not the single profile page and contact them)

    Currently : Button i’m interested -> plan page -> button continue free -> listing page with restrictions.

    What i want: Button i’m interested -> plan page -> button continue free -> login /register -> listing page with restriction. I want to add the registration process so i don’t lose the information of that people and i can do some remarketing.

    I configured the button “continue free” with de sing up modal, but after register it takes them back to the “plan page”. I don’t know how to redirect automatically to the listing page with restrictions (no membership).

    Is there an easy way to do this in the theme?



    Changing the membership purchase process this way would require code customizations. By default, if you block the whole listing page there’s just a redirect to the plans page. You can try using the plans page URL (since it’s static) on other pages (and within modals), but changing the redirect depending on the type of user would require code changes.

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