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    Hi ihor,

    It would be possible to limit or access the seller’s profile according to the print: so that when an unauthenticated user clicks on it to display the modal login screen. Or, how to create a redirect to the login page on the listings link as it already exists for the add listings button? Very grateful already!


    Please let me know if you mean redirecting listing or vendor pages? If I understand correctly, non-registered users should be prompted to sign in?


    So ihor, i need to see if there is a possibility of a logged out user, when accessing a listing and trying to view the seller’s profile so that the login screen can appear so that he can log in and there he can access the seller’s profile. It would be the same thing as a disconnected user trying to create a listing and the login screen to register. If there is no possibility of this happening (as the print q sent you) it would be possible to redirect to the listtings link to the login screen similar to the add listing redirect. Thanks!


    This code snippet should do it:

    	function() {
    		if ( ! is_user_logged_in() && is_singular( [ 'hp_listing', 'hp_vendor' ] ) ) {
    						'redirect' => hivepress()->router->get_current_url(),

    Thank you my friend Ihor! Where do I put this snippet? Which file and where in the file do I add this snippet? Is it just for that section that I told you about on the opportunity page or should this redirect be for the link in the listting menu?


    You can add it to the child theme’s functions.php file (if you use one) or via this plugin

    This redirect works for any listing or vendor page. If you want it to work for the vendor page only please remove the “hp_listing” part.


    You are awesome Ihor! Thank you! In my project, the salesperson’s profile will take personal information like address and other data. There it would be interesting only for those who are logged in to see this information. Thank you! HivePress and ListingHive are the best things that have come up for WordPress. Soon I will purchase the other missing paid plugins. The membership and the new one you launched. Hugs!


    It worked perfectly! Thank you very much and big hug!

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