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Redirected to Checkout instead of listing page

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  • stringybark


    I am using Listing Hive and Paid Listings extension.

    There is only one product in Woocommerce, which is a paid listing for $1. After going through the registration process, then the Paypal process, the user comes back to the Checkout screen, not their listing.
    How do I fix this please?


    To add further details… when I check the Woocommerce orders, the order status is “processing” even though the payment has been completed correctly.

    Under Hivepress > Listings the status is “published”.


    I use Autocomplete WooCommerce Orders to auto-complet all orders.


    thank you – I tried that – it does set the status to Completed in Woocommerce, but I still end up on the Checkout page, not the listing page.

    ihor developer

    Please make sure that the order status is set to “processing” or “completed” before the redirect from PayPal, then there should be a redirect to the listing page.


    thanks for your reply ihor. Can you please explain how i can troubleshoot this? The order status seems to be OK – it is “completed” in Woocommerce, but there is no redirect to the listing page.

    ihor developer

    If possible send temporary WP access to and I’ll check this issue.


    yes – I have done this – thanks

    ihor developer

    If there was an automatic WordPress email please try to re-send the credentials manually, the automatic emails are often not delivered.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, it seems that the listing status is changed after the redirect back from PayPal, so there’s no redirect to the listing page. This will be fixed in the next Paid Listings update.


    ok – thank you very much for you swift reply


    Has this been fixed? I’m still getting redirected to thank you page instead of listing page when using paypal

    ihor developer

    We plan to update the Paid Listings extension soon so we’ll look into this issue.

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