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  • judehunter17

    There is a checkbox in the geolocation settings for hivepress for regions saying “Check this option to create a page for each region.”.

    I have checked and unchecked this checkbox and observed no difference to my website. I am curious to know what this feature is supposed to do?


    yevhen developer

    Regions are completely automatic and generated based on the listing location. Please try setting location for any listing (create a new one or update existing), new regions should be generated. After that please check regions and if they were not generated please make sure that you use a Google Maps API key without HTTP restrictions, or another option is using Mapbox (their API is easier for generating regions).


    Will removing HTTP restrictions have any impact? Any security risks etc?

    yevhen developer

    Yes, if you remove HTTP restrictions please limit API quotas instead in case if someone tries to use your API key on their website. Another option is using Mapbox, it is public API key does not require setting up billing.


    What should I limit the API quotas to and how will this prevent someone using my API key.

    Is mapbox more suited to listinghive than google maps if I require ads to have locations and the user needs to be able to sort ads by distance?

    yevhen developer

    1) Please check this topic

    2) Yes, Mapbox has these functionality. It is just more easy to integrate to website than using Google Maps API


    I followed the instructions and can see no difference. Could I see a screenshot of an example of what the region part should look like? Im not sure what I am supposed to be looking for exactly

    yevhen developer

    Please make sure that you set a valid Mapbox API key, selected Mapbox as a map provider and enabled Regions in HivePress/Settings/Listings/Geolocation section. Then once you change the location for some listing or add a new listing, regions should be generated in Listings/Regions.

    Here is screenshot


    Thanks, i have it working now after switching to mapbox. What exactly is the usage of the regions? Can i search by region for example in the location search box?

    yevhen developer

    Yes, you can use it to more wide search by location. For example, to find listings in some country

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