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Remove Dashboard from User Account

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  • lgoldmann


    is there a way to hide the dashboard page & menu item in the user account?
    I already tried to unset the item in the “hivepress/v1/menus/user_account” filter
    using unset( $menu['items']['vendor_dashboard_page'] );, but to no avail.

    When hiding the dashboard, I’d also need to edit the “My Account” link in the header, since it redirects to the dashboard.

    Many thanks!

    ihor developer

    You can try using this one instead:

    unset( $menu['items']['vendor_dashboard_page'] );

    And set a higher priority for your filter function, e.g 200. If you remove it from the menu the redirect will also be disabled since HivePress redirects users to the first item in the account menu.


    Hi ihor,

    thanks for your quick response! The proposed approach worked perfectly, turns out I was using the wrong key for the items array.


    Where do I find this path hivepress/v1/menus/user_account? I don’t have a v1 folder in my version of hivepress.

    ihor developer

    This is not a file path, but a WordPress hook that you can use to filter the menu items via the custom code snippets, please check an example here

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