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Remove Header Area

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    How do I remove the header gap between the top bar and my banner (as shown in picture). I also want to reduce the area that the top bar takes, now it’s double the thickness of the texts. Thanks.


    ihor developer

    If it’s a Home page please try this CSS snippet:

    .home .site-content {padding-top:0}
    .home .header-hero {display:none}

    Thank you. How do I increase the font size of the topbar?

    ihor developer

    If you mean the logo/menu section you can try this snippet:

    .header-navbar {font-size:18px}

    Please consider hiring someone for styling/layout customizations because customization is not part of support (it includes fixing bugs and guidance about the existing features)

    Hello Ihor,

    How do I remove the padding for other pages? Thanks

    ihor developer

    If you mean all pages then this snippet may help:

    .site-content {padding-top:0}
    .header-hero {display:none}

    For specific pages, you can use the page ID:

    .page-123 .site-content {padding-top:0}
    .page-123 .header-hero {display:none}
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