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    Hello again,

    Don’t mean to be a pain…I have two active packages, both free. A basic package giving the vendor one listing and a tester package allowing the vendor three listings. I plan to add paid packages later. The tester package is so I can better understand how everything works with real content, vendors and users. At some point I will remove the tester package.

    When I do will the listing and vendor data remain intact and be accessible by the vendor/owner? If not, is it possible to change the name of the tester package and put a price on it to retain the data?



    Sorry, this concerns Taskhive not Listinghive.


    It’s better to keep it, you can simply rename the tester package later, change its details and price, etc. without removing it. Please link the tester package to a product (even if it’s a free WooCommerce product), because this will not work with 2 free packages – the user can only use 1 free package once.


    Thank you very much.

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