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Reply to Ad without Login

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  • ideate-za


    Thanks for making such a brilliant looking, functional plugin. I am creating a classifieds site for our community-project.

    The issue I am having is trying to set the Reply To Ad section to not require a login. Once users find out they will need to create an account just to reply to an ad it may discourage them from responding.

    Is there a way to turn this off? So any visitor on the site can reply to an ad without needing to log in. I plan to add additional fields in the Reply to Ad form of which will contain the contact details of the ad visitor.

    Is there also a way to set notification emails to use the website name instead of saying its from WordPress?

    Many great thanks!

    ihor developer


    Thanks, glad you like it!

    Unfortunately there’s no such option, replying without an account would require sending an email with a “Reply to” field, currently there’re only on-site messages. If you’re familiar with PHP it’s easy to add such form via a custom add-on.

    Please try using this plugin for setting a custom name instead of “WordPress” You can also set your site SMTP details or link it with your GMail account so emails will not be filtered as spam.


    Hi shooenook,

    Thanks for your response. I am familiar with the basics yes and wish to go for a similar reply layout like the popular Gumtree Classifieds – for the purpose of capturing visitor and responders contact details along with possible Radio option boxes in the reply field for quicker replies – and have this request form sent to the Vendor’s dashboard (I really love the members ads portal!).

    I have another question, how do I make Price/Day in the top of the Listing Sidebar’s attribute to appear there as in ?I am able to add the FOR HIRE or FOR RENT option in the sidebar listing category but unable to simulate the price into it – not sure how you got that right.

    Thanks for recommending the wp-mail-smtp plugin -and the spam tip. Worked perfectly!

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I’ll consider adding it as an option to the messages add-on, to switch between the email and on-site messages.

    Demo has a custom “Rent” attribute with “number” type, “%value% / month” format and it’s assigned to the “Single listing (primary)” template area so it appears at the top of the single listing sidebar.


    Hi Shooenook

    I trust you’ve been well. I’ve been trying to get the reply-to-ad without login to work without much success. Have been playing around with php between different parts of the plugin but just seem to be making a mess of things and this is kind of the crunch.

    Is there any premium support for this plugin? I would like to add an extra custom field and a certain change to the reply-to section in the Single Ad view side panel.

    Your plugin so far has been brilliant, and easy to modify the CSS elements to make the look and feel brand-aligned Thanks!

    Kudo’s to the custom Rent attribute. Cheers!

    ihor developer


    Unfortunately there’s no premium support yet, but I can help you to insert a custom field, please let me know where you want to insert it and I’ll post a code snippet. Regarding the “reply to ad” form you can check how listing reporting works and simply copy the reporting form.

    Thanks for using HivePress! It’s in early development stage and unfortunately there’s a downside – currently I’m working on the next major version and it’s core was rebuilt from scratch to make it truly extensible, so if you customized some template files (CSS customizations should be ok because HTML structure will not change) there may be issues with the next update.


    That is not a problem. I am using & adjusting your plugin on an offline installation of WP (xammp).

    I look forward to supporting your work!

    I would like to add an availability section in single ad view in a calendar form to display availability of a vendors service. And then to be able to select From-To dates and radio buttons for quick replies to make the Reply section easy to use.

    One a side note: I would also prefer not to show their contact details once the ad has reached expiry date.

    Hope I’m not overloading you with requests – I’ve played around with other listing plugins a lot but none has the vendor ratings and custom fields per category like yours do. And there’s the added bonus of an admin dashboard. Great job!!!


    Hi Shooenook. Report listing still requires a logged in user

    ihor developer

    You can do this by adding a custom form to the plugin settings (using a filter hivepress/listing/forms and it will be available for rendering, submission, reCaptcha etc. like any other form in HivePress. Reporting form is just wrapped with if(is_user_logged_in())… condition in the template file, that’s why it looks like it requires an account.

    I suggest waiting for the next update because these filters and template structure may change, it’s ok if you’re going to keep the old version. I’m working on vendors functionality (so it will be possible to add attributes in the same way as for listings), and a bunch of free add-ons (social login, paid listings etc.).


    Hi Shooenook. I await patiently? Great to hear that you’re updating it, hope its look and feel stays the same. Especially fond of that sticky sidebar in single ad page on Desktop view. Decent af!


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