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Request: Notify vendors about new requests

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  • robertv

    Hi ihor,
    I have a quick question regarding the workings of the ‘Notify vendors about new requests’.

    – Do all vendors in the system get a request?
    – If so, if there a lot verified vendors will this not overload the sending process?
    – Wouldn’t it be better to limit or target the effectiveness by category (vendor linked to certain category and request selection linked to that category), so only those vendors get the request?

    The last option would also limit vendors wasting there time looking at a request the doesn’t align with there service/business?


    ihor developer


    1. Yes, if you enable this option then all vendors will be notified if there’s a new request. This should overload the server since request are checked once an hour and emails are sent in batches.

    2. Thanks, this feature is already on the roadmap and will be implemented as soon as possible.

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