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    Hello. There are three categories “manicure”, “haircuts”, “makeup”.

    The seller only places an ad in one category (for example, “haircuts”).

    How to make it so that the seller can choose one or two categories for which he wants to receive inquiries. To prevent sellers of the “manicure” category from receiving requests from the “hairstyles” category.

    I suggest doing this in your personal account, where the list of requests is located. To display a list of categories that we created “manicure”, “haircuts”, “makeup”.
    and the seller could choose in which category he wants to receive the request.

    And whoever makes a request can also choose a category.


    Такой функций нету из за ненадобности, думаю такую функцию не нужно добавлять

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your suggestion, there are no request categories at the moment – only listing categories are available. This will definitely will be improved, with linking to the listing categories or maybe separately via request categories.

    In the current version, users can get the idea of the vendor occupation by taking a look at the vendor’s listings, these are always displayed on the vendor page.


    Да, согласен, это очень важно. Потому что на почту продавца приходит 99% ненужных ему запросов. И это приведет в бешенство любого продавца

    Yes, I agree, this is very important. Because 99% of unnecessary requests come to the seller’s mail. And it will infuriate any salesperson.


    Thanks for the answer. If they write me such a code that implements this function, will this setting be deleted after updating the site or plugin?

    ihor developer

    @Konstantin Yes, this may be an issue if you have requests from completely different niches on the same website. I planned to integrate requests with Search Alerts (so vendors would be able to set search alerts for specific requests), but until it’s implemented I released a common email notification option for all requests.

    If you make any customizations via HivePress API (separate code snippets hooked to actions/filters) instead of editing the plugin files directly then customizations will be safe from updates.


    Hello. Is it technically difficult to do?

    Automatically load the list of categories in your personal account in Requests so that the seller can choose in which category he wants to receive notifications.

    And automatically download a list of categories when they want to make a request so they can choose which category the seller should be notified in.

    Shown roughly in screenshot 1 and 2

    This is a very useful feature. Can you implement this please ???

    ihor developer

    Thanks, I understand its importance and will implement request categories in the next Requests update, but there’s no ETA for it yet.

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