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  • alexif


    I am looking for a solution for the following:

    1. To hide offers link in the user dashboard. I want to keep the site only for posting requests and receiving offers directly in requests, not to list requests.

    2. To have a link in the dashboard where users can see in which requests they have posted offers.


    ihor developer

    Please consider keeping 1. if 2. is required, because every offer in My Account/Offers has an extra link to the request page, so vendors can basically browse their offers and view the relevant request pages if required. If you want to hide the Offers menu item anyway, please try this code snippet but with the offers_view menu item key instead of vendor_dashboard
    Please try our new community forum instead, this one will be switched to read-only soon


    Hi! I have kept offers link but cannot see offers posted within requests. I can see only separate posted offers. What I am interested to achieve is to see all posted offers from my account.


    ihor developer

    Yes, it should work this way by default if there are no code customizations – please check My Account/Offers page, it lists all the offers made by the current user.

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