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Required fields and Optional fields indicator

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  • gsmobina

    1. I want the mandatory fields to mark it in a start (*) and remove the word ‘Optional’ from the non mandatory fields. How can i make this like that way?


    2. and is it possible to remove selected items from the multiple select options. Eg: if i selected ‘Qatar’ from the list, it should be removed from the display


    ihor developer

    1. Unfortunately, there’s no simple code fix for switching these statuses, please consider leaving it as is because it seems to be a better UX (usually there are fewer optional fields) https://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.asp?725

    2. I’m using Select2 and it doesn’t seem to have this option https://select2.org/ Selected items are just highlighted in the drop-down list (like with a regular select field).


    can this be done in a function code? most of my fields are optional and only few are required. so seeing the word optional all over the form is kind of distracting. Will you make this possible in the future?

    ihor developer

    I’m sorry, but there’s no simple code snippet for reversing the field statuses, and customizations are not part of HivePress support (although I’m always glad to help if there’s a simple fix).


    is the code in the plugin or theme template files? i can ask a developer guy to check on this. If it is in plugin i don’t think i can do that right, in case it gets updated? if it is a theme, may i know which area i can find this?

    ihor developer

    ListingHive just implements the design, the functionality is implemented by HivePress plugin. Please consider leaving it as-is or shorten the “optional” word instead.


    How do I shorten the text or use a customized word?

    ihor developer

    If you use a Loco Translate plugin for translation you can simply add a replacement for the “optional” word.

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