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    Hola, está bien que cualquier usuario pueda dejar una reseña, aun sin haber solicitado el servicio??
    Lo que yo quiero es que el cliente/usuario deje una reseña luego de probar el servicio. Muchas gracias por tu trabajo es muy bueno.


    Transalation in English:
    Hi, is it okay for any user to leave a review, even without requesting the service?
    What I want is for the customer/user to leave a review after trying the service. Thank you very much for your work, it’s very good.

    ihor developer

    @dinbalint Reviews can be verified if you use the Marketplace extension (or TaskHive theme), then it’s possible to verify the service purchase. Otherwise, it’s not possible to do this, so by default any registered user can add a review (only once though, and you can also enable moderation).



    ok ! thank you very much!

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