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Reset list count for free listings?

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  • rossanobrillantes

    Hi first of all kudos for a great work! My question is will the list count (free listing) for a certain vendor reset upon expiration and deletion of listings?


    Thanks! If you mean listing packages (that limit the number of listings), then every listing submission or renewal is counted, e.g. if you add a free listing package with listing limit set to 3, and add some paid packages, then the vendor will have to buy one of the paid packages when the free limit is exceeded (3 listings added or renewed).


    Ummm What I meant to say was let’s say a package has a 3 listing limit and a vendor has used up his limit. If one listing expires will that refresh his limit count back to 2 so he can add a new listing.


    No, it doesn’t limit the number of listings published at the same time, it limits actions (submissions and renewals).


    ok thanks, I think i’m finally getting it hehe. So if he has reached his listing limit, and deletes one listing, he won’t be able to add a new listing because he has reached his submission limit regardless of the number of listings he currently has? If so, Is it also the same for paid packages.

    Again thanks for great plugin as well as awesomeness in support. Expect me to be donating so that we can improve further this plugin.


    Thanks! Yes, even if the listing is deleted the listing submission has been already counted so user will not be able to add another listing if the limit is exceeded. It works this way for any listing package, free or paid.


    A question related to this; if a vendor using a basic, three free listing package has reached the limit and the vendor buys an รก la carte listing package of one listing and then uses that, can the vendor buy that same one listing package repeatedly? One listing at a time as needed?



    Sure, if the package limit is set to 1 then vendors can purchase it multiple times (it’ll work the same way for any non-free package).

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