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Responsiveness of ListingHive Field Titles

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    Hello @ihor! The titles of all fields (both attributes and other forms of the theme) are not responsive as you use smaller smartphone screens. Is it possible to make headlines responsive? Below is a printout of the settings screen, where in my translation, I added a longer description for the field title. This also happens in larger title names for the attributes of the add listing:


    Please try using this fix until the next theme update:

    .hp-field__label {white-space:normal}


    It worked @ihor! Would there be a possibility of spacing between lines? The text adapts, descending automatically, but the lines are very close together. Another thing, in the cards of categories and listings there are also problems of visualization in other resolutions. This print is a preview of the categories that I put on my personalized homepage. Note that I inserted a shortcode to display the categories on the page, but decreasing the resolution, the text is broken from the image:


    In this other print is the list page. Note that the posting date and category field within the listings card jumps out of the box. This also occurs when a shortcode of recent listings is inserted into a personalized page. Note also that the text above the list boxes, where it shows the number of results and the sort by field are also together, and in the mobile resolution for example they appear on separate lines:


    Exemplifying here how is the display of recent listings like shortecode on a personalized page with 4 boxes per line, the value also appears with broken visualization in a different resolution than PC and cell phone (in the print I selected only three to make the display better, but in this shortcode selected 4 listings per line):


    Please try using this CSS snippet instead:

    .hp-field__label {white-space:normal;line-height:1.5}

    Please let me know what’s the screen width on other screenshots, it seems that these items should be full-width on mobile because the columns are really narrow.


    Hello @ihor! Thanks again for being available to help me and the code above worked perfectly for the titles! Thank you! The resolutions that have problems with the other prints are between 1280×720 to 1366×768. Resolutions lower than the first and second and greater than the second are fine, the theme itself is incredibly responsive, but for HD resolutions there is this misalignment, especially when using as a shortcode. The problem happened on a macbook that has a resolution of 1280×720. Thank you!


    Maybe there’s a higher number of columns, or these shortcodes are placed inside a column? I checked the demo site on 1200px-wide screen and categories with listings are wider than on the screenshots you sent (also tested with 4 columns per row) Please make sure that they are placed directly in the full-width content area because if you place them within a narrower container then the responsive breakpoints may not work correctly.

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