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    my knowledge of REST API is nearly zilch – so even the question may not be well framed.
    i understand that REST API allows us to Read and Write values of Attributes etc from elsewhere.

    So how can I either write or read the value of an Attribute – please point me to some any code etc.

    and maybe an easy tutorial.


    If I understand it right – this means an email form or something like that can also be used to fill up the data in a listing – so some guidance on this is very welcome.
    Will it also be possible to fill up the details of a big listing – with many attributes using a FORM maybe – like WP Forms or something like that ?
    Please guide to a proper form plugin also for this.
    Thank you very much


    Please check the WordPress docs https://developer.wordpress.org/rest-api/ REST API can be used for integrating your site with third-party services or apps (not plugins within the same site), it’s more like a developer feature.

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