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Revealing more info once someone has paid

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    Hi ihor,

    I am trying to build a classifieds website and I just wanted to ask if there is a feature which allows the buyer to only message the person after they have bought the item over the website from the seller?

    Thanks for the help



    There’s no way to check if there was a direct purchase (not via the site), but if you mean the Marketplace extension I plan to add this feature, so the purchase would allow messaging and leaving a review. Please note that it may not be suitable for physical products because there are no front-end shipping options.


    Alright thanks, so will the feature that you plan to add in the marketplace extension only allow the buyer to message the seller after they have purchased the item? If so, may I ask when do you think that feature will be implemented?


    I plan to release it next weekend, this option will hide the “Reply to Listing” button and/or “Write a Review” link if the listing is not purchased.


    Cool thank you so much.


    Hi ihor

    Just following up on my question above. I see there is an update for the Marketplace extension. Does this update include the feature mentioned above?



    Yes, it’s now possible to restrict messages and reviews to buyers only (in HivePress/Settings/Orders section).


    Thank you very much

    Is there any settings I need to change in HivePress/ Settings/ Orders section if I want to activate this feature?


    There’s a new Restrictions section in HivePress/Settings/Orders (if you have Messages or Reviews extensions installed), e.g. you can check the “Restrict messages to buyers” and only buyers will be able to contact sellers via the order page.

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