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Reverting Instagram

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    Is it possible to “revert” the Instagram function? So that the vendor’s profile can be linked to Instagram, and all posts from Instagram also appear on the Vendor’s “HivePress” profile?



    ihor developer

    Please let me know what you mean about reverting it, importing Instagram posts as listings and linking them with the vendor profile automatically?


    It’s basically just to add some social proof to the vendor’s (supplier) profile. Often, the problem with marketplaces is to secure supply in the first place, especially when these suppliers do not have anything to show on their profile page (reviews and examples of sold items from the past). So, what I am looking for is the option to link the supplier’s Instagram profile to their “HivePress” profile and then show their posts from Instagram directly on their “HivePress” profile. The reason for doing this would be to add a layer of identity to the profile. I assume that many suppliers on the marketplaces created by the HivePress community also have some sort of a professional Instagram page showing some of their work.

    Here is an example of Andreessen Horowitz showing Tweets from their team members directly on their team member’s individual profile pages: https://a16z.com/author/andrew-chen/. So, imagine the tweets were just the person’s Instagram photos.

    This could be added on either of these two pages: 1) https://taskhive.hivepress.io/listing/original-soundtrack-commercial-jingles-composition/ or 2) https://taskhive.hivepress.io/vendor/michelle/

    Hope this helps!


    ihor developer

    Thanks for the details, it’s possible but requires customizations. You can try using some third-party Instagram feed plugin, add an Instagram username attribute and use it to fetch Instagram posts on the vendor pages.


    Great, thanks for the hint!

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