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    Hi There!

    Would be amazing if we have the functionality to ask for stars for particular review categories.

    Communication 1-5
    Food Quality 1-5
    Service Quality 1-5

    Also would be nice to edit the Review pop up. To write to customers what they should focus on their reviews.


    Thanks for your suggestion, this feature is on the roadmap already, so it will be implemented sooner or later. It’s possible to add a custom description to the review popup, but with a code snippet.


    Hi Ihor,

    I would like to follow up on this topic, is there any update on your side?
    Would you be mind giving more details on how to add code snippet to the review pop up so we can display multiple attributes to rate? Many thanks


    There’s no ETA for this feature, but it’s still on the roadmap. Unfortunately, there’s no simple code snippet for implementing it.


    Thank you. I’ll look into it then.


    @ihor, have you tough about making the review function similar to the attributes function so you can customize your own review just like the way you want it?



    Thanks, I’ll consider adding the same UI as for listing attributes.


    That would be fantastic!

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