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Reviewing your own listings

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  • garagster

    It says: “You can’t review your own listings”.
    Can I turn this off from somewhere? I would need reviews enabled also for own listings.

    ihor developer

    Unfortunately there’s no easy way to disable this check, it’s set in the source code. Please consider adding reviews via another account.


    Please if you could add this as a setting you can turn off it would be very helpful!
    We need it!!!!!!!!


    Just curious… Why would you want to review your own listing?

    ihor developer

    Thanks, will consider adding it – if possible describe the use-case for this, leaving reviews for user’s own listings seems like a spam activity.


    At least in my case I’m using this theme for completely other purposes where it’s maybe originally meant.
    But consider this example. If you use it in Tripadvisor-style review page. Someone maybe wants to add a listing of some new restaurant that he/she has visited => then make a review for it. At the moment it’s not possible.


    garagster, yes that’s right. In our case, we want to allow users to add missing listings and do a review. As a user, why would you bother adding the listing, when after that you are banned from reviewing it? Currently this is not possible without modifying the source code.

    ihor developer

    Thanks for your feedback, will add this option to the next Reviews update.


    Thank you thank you!!!

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