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Reviews without reg, vendor block

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  • tehnique

    Hello! Great plugin and theme! Will be happy to buy premium in future!

    And a few questions:
    1) how can i remove vendor block on listing page?
    2) is it possible to make people write reviews without registration?
    3) how can be changed listing url?

    ihor developer

    Hi, thanks!

    1. Please try using this CSS snippet to hide it:

    .hp-listing--view-page .hp-vendor {display:none;}

    2. There’s no such option at the moment, but I plan to add it, although it would be hard to prevent spam without requesting registration.

    3. Please add this code snippet to the child theme functions.php file and then refresh permalinks in Settings/Permalinks section:

    add_filter('hivepress/v1/post_types', function($args) {
        return $args;
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