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rtl problem

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  • shmumu

    I have encountered some issues that I assume are related to the fact that my site is in Hebrew, and the writing is from right to left.

    1. Terms of use and privacy policy clung to each other and I had to put “|” To separate them

    2. Filtering works the other way around, when you drag the drag mark on one side, the quantity changes on the other side.

    3. I use the Select home page search feature instead of google location.
    I want to make a list of cities, and neighborhoods.
    I chose a city as my main and a neighborhood as its sub,
    But it appears to me in the scroll the same thing, the city and the neighborhood.
    What is marked in a circle in the picture is the neighborhood.

    Attach photos to everything here, thanks in advance, your plugin is great!


    And one more question, thanks for your time,
    is it possible that in the search that the main page will have three sections 1.Categories 2.City 3.The neighborhood.

    Then when the user selects a city, in the third section of the neighborhoods only the neighborhoods relevant to that city will appear.
    But even if that is not possible, is it at least possible to divide the search into three such sections?

    ihor developer

    1, 2. Yes, these seem to be related to RTL layout, sorry – there are no built-in RTL styles at the moment so fixing these requires CSS tweaks.
    3. Please try using hierarchical options for this purpose, using a single Select field would be the best workaround. For example, if you edit the neighborhood option, you can set a Parent Option for it (city). If you mark this attribute as Searchable it’ll appear in the search form so there will be 3 fields (Keywords, Category, Location).


    Hello Igor,
    I really appreciate your help.

    Regarding 1,2 ,
    I will just mention that I use a paid rentalhive package, and you have already solved one rtl problem for me, so I would be happy if you could still give me a solution, again only if it is possible for you.
    Attaches here a link to the problem you solved.

    Regarding problem 3, I did not quite understand the solution. Because if I use the select feature, and define the city as the father and the neighborhood as a son, you do not see a difference between them when the list opens, and you can not know that it is a neighborhood, (what is surrounded by a circle is the neighborhood and you can see that there is no difference
    Between her and the father. How can I fix this? This is very important to me because it is the only way to search the site right now.


    And if possible one more little question, thanks for your time

    how do I turn off these tags (in the link)? They are not exactly tags because I turn off the tags but they are the categories.

    I would love to solution it as well as delete it on both mobile and desktop

    Just pointing out that before I ask I try to go through the forum as much as possible to find a solution, and I did not find

    ihor developer

    1, 2. Sorry for the inconvenience, I know that you use a premium theme but customization is not part of our support scope I can check if there’s a simple CSS fix for this, please send a link to your site (you can send it privately via email For further customizations, please consider hiring someone for CSS adjustments

    3. Please make sure that you assigned the parent/child options correctly, I checked this locally and child options have a shift, so every new level is shifted to the right (to indicate the hierarchy).

    4. These are listing categories (there should be only 1 if the listing is added via the front-end, so the overflow issues shouldn’t occur), if you want to hide these please try this CSS snippet:

    .hp-listing--view-block .hp-listing__categories {display:none}


    Thank you! Section 4 worked great!
    For the rest I sent an email

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