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Scale or Zoom effect on Listing images

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    Hello Sir,
    If you hover your mouse on images here– http://demo2.themelexus.com/latehome_free/

    You will notice that the images scale, and that’s the beauty of it.

    How can I have the same kind of effect on HivePress images?

    Needing to hear from you soon.


    ihor developer


    If you mean category tiles, this requires CSS customizations, if you’re familiar with CSS please check this tutorial https://css-tricks.com/zooming-background-images/ If you mean listing gallery images the zoom feature will be added to the next update (in a week).


    I mean the Listing Gallery Images. I wish that they can be zoomed with the CSS transform function, and could be scaled to maybe 1.5. I tried to write the CSS, but it it seems I’m not picking the correct selector for the Images.

    But since you said we will see it in the next update in a week, I will wait then.

    How can we show these kind of badges on ListingHive/HivePress?


    ihor developer

    The featured badge is already available (displayed as a star icon, you can override it via a child theme or customize via CSS if required), the easiest way to add custom badges is via custom attributes + custom template parts, or you can simply display attributes in the available areas (this doesn’t require any customizations).


    I don’t understand anything you said here at all.

    ihor developer

    I meant that you can add custom listing attributes and then insert them into the listing template in the same way as on the screenshot you sent, but this requires some customizations and CSS tweaks. The featured badge has a similar appearance by default https://prnt.sc/xtxdzd

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