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Search filter: multiple categories?

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  • chrisj14uk

    Hi Ihor,

    On the listing page, is it possible to change the category radio buttons to a group of checkboxes instead, that would then enable search across multiple categories? E.g. I could select both category ‘bars’ and category ‘restaurants’ for my search.

    What code framework/snippet would I use if I then wanted to refine the search further? E.g. If I only wanted to return results where attribute X is less than Y?




    There’s no such option at the moment, because selecting multiple categories may break the search form and results (by mixing attributes from different categories). Please consider using some common category for bars and restaurants, and adding a custom “checkboxes” attribute that would allow filtering results by type.

    You can add a number range attribute for filtering results by some numeric values, like the “price” attribute on the demo site

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