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Search not behaving well…

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    Hi All,

    I am testing out some search functionality on our directory site, and I noticed that the “filter” button doesn’t necessarily work like you would think it would natively. After making a selection from the drop down, and click filter, it brings back up a list of categories within that parent category. Why would it display that way, versus showing all of the other available listings within that parent category?



    serhii developer

    Please check this topic – https://hivepress.io/support/topic/site-search/#post-12544


    Hi Serhii. This question stemmed from my lack of understanding of how attributes work.

    Now that I’ve learned, hopefully we can close out this post and my response here will help others.

    Within attributes, there are 3-4 check box options within the “search group” that you can select to specific features work successfully.

    Here is what the 4 check boxes mean within search:
    1) Filterable – this check box will enable your attribute to be filterable in the search menu.
    2) Indexable – this check box makes your attribute name and slug indexed and searchable by the keyword search
    3) Sortable – this allows you to sort your listings by this attribute when they have them in common. This seems to be limited to the backend for now. I am not sure if I understand how this effects end users.
    4) Options – this check box acts as a validation rule. If it is checked, any of the attributes selected will return that listing in your search result. Its more of an “or” statement than an “and” statement.

    Hope this helps someone else!



    serhii developer

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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