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Search result by nearest distance

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  • zulazai

    Hi. Is there any update to find search results with nearest distance? I run a restaurant listing page and it would be nice if users can find listings closest to their location entered by them.

    ihor developer

    This feature is already on the roadmap, but I haven’t checked if it’s possible to implement this yet with the current WordPress database schema. This would require calculating distances for each listing via a single query and then sorting listings by this value.


    hi @ihor

    I know many users have requested for this feature. I know it is perhaps time consuming and labor intensive but definitely please consider implementing this. For an amazing theme like Hivepress, this type of functionality would be a game changer.

    ihor developer

    Thanks, it’s still on the roadmap and I’ll check it as soon as possible.


    Hi. Is there any update on this?

    Going over all the support topics, this is the most requested feature by many here. I personally think it will be a game changer for your theme and plugin with unimaginable potential and uses.

    ihor developer

    There’s no such feature yet, it’s still on the roadmap. I understand that it’s important, but we don’t have resources or implementing it at the moment, but if someone orders it as a custom implementation it’ll be released sooner.


    I would love to get a quote for the option of displaying the lists by the ones closest to the search location, and then in descending order as you move away.

    I would also love to hear if it would be possible to show in each list its distance from the location entered, as on the booking website
    (i use rental-hive)

    ihor developer

    I’d be glad to help, but we don’t have time for custom work at the moment (we’re busy for at least another 3-4 weeks), currently looking to hire more developers and start accepting customization requests again. This feature is also on the roadmap (it has a high priority along with the OpenStreet Maps integration) for the Geolocation extension. If you want to sponsor this feature and share it with the community please send the details to and we’ll try to estimate it.

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