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    Hi, ihor,

    Is it possible to bind the search bar to search within a parent category only.

    Because I want to make a second page on my site for a separate set of listings I want the search bar on the pages to search within the parent category listed on their page.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks !!


    It’s possible with the code customizations, but this may lead to additional issues, for example the search form will also be displayed on the second page of listings, and these listings will not be searchable. Please consider leaving all categories searchable, you can separate listings using category pages, for example:

    These URLs display different listings, and if you search listings the search will be performed within the current category only.


    Okay, Yeah I can do that.. Thanks

    One more thing. How did you get the scroll bar for minimum and maximum price on your demo site?
    I am not able get that selecting Number as field and Number Range as search field, like how you did.

    Please can you guide.



    Number range as a search type should do it, but please make sure that there are at least 2 listings with different attribute values.

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