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Searching Text Attributes & Listings

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  • Aizen

    Hi Ihor,

    I hope your vacation was a good one?

    I’ve noticed a few search ‘bugs’…

    firstly I’m unable to search text attributes by typing in the search box on the listing page, nothing ever comes up and obviously text attributes never display as a filter option regardless of if you select check box or another format type within the search parameter. In short the search box doesn’t pick up much…

    Searching the listings from within WP-Admin, you are unable to search by email address, or even a keyword within the title of the listing also brings 0 search results. It would be useful from an administrative point of view to be able to use the search box to search for various fields and potentially even attribute data.

    Thanks for all your hard work


    ihor developer


    Thanks for your suggestion. This is a common WordPress issue, it searches only titles and descriptions. I’ll try to resolve this somehow, for example by adding hidden attribute texts to the listing description.

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