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Searching Text Attributes & Listings

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    Hi Ihor,

    I hope your vacation was a good one?

    I’ve noticed a few search ‘bugs’…

    firstly I’m unable to search text attributes by typing in the search box on the listing page, nothing ever comes up and obviously text attributes never display as a filter option regardless of if you select check box or another format type within the search parameter. In short the search box doesn’t pick up much…

    Searching the listings from within WP-Admin, you are unable to search by email address, or even a keyword within the title of the listing also brings 0 search results. It would be useful from an administrative point of view to be able to use the search box to search for various fields and potentially even attribute data.

    Thanks for all your hard work


    ihor developer


    Thanks for your suggestion. This is a common WordPress issue, it searches only titles and descriptions. I’ll try to resolve this somehow, for example by adding hidden attribute texts to the listing description.


    I found out that the search plugin Ajax Search Lite is able to search in attributes. I thas limited layout options however, I am now figuring out if the paid version can give me a good looking search bar with all the functionalities I need.


    And what functionalities you need? I just curious. I was thinking some about search bars and it must be very personalized item or very big tool to display some contents forms on one result page. For example, If you want to use one searchbar to search everytihng, then result page must be created as some section, for example “blogs”; “vendors”; “listings”; “offers” etc. And every item is showing something unique with unique layout, for example listing as block with photo and infos, blog as header and piece of text.

    That’s why If you are using other searchbar, in market is some looking and working nice in freemium version, but always, when you’re using searchbar it can show results good, sorted by some attributes too, but as post list, what is much worse than listings block.

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