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    Dear HivePress Team,

    I see you are doing a great job in developing this plugin. But what I am concerned about is the authentication is very poor. I can practically write anything @ in the email address and it will be accepted. Also there is no way I can stop people from registering on my site from the front end. Even if I don’t use any additional plugin, I don’t see option to disable report listing option. This is not good for reputation of a website.

    Please let me know if there are any fixes / workarounds.

    Thank You.



    HivePress relies on WordPress authentication, it also accepts any email address without checking if the email domain is real. You can consider enabling the email verification in HivePress settings so users will have to click the verification link in the received email.

    There will be an update next week and I’ll add an option for disabling the front-end registration, please try using this CSS snippet for hiding the “Report Listing” link:

    .hp-listing__action--report {display:none}


    Sorry, checked the backlog and it will not be implemented in the next update because a lot of extensions rely on registration so it requires further testing.


    Thank you. Hope it will be fixed in later versions.

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