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See adjacent Places/Businesses in Map

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    – What setting do I need to chose to see adjacent businesses/places labels on the map? Or is it something that I have to do in Google map API console?

    – Also is it possible to include Google reviews of any business into the listings?


    1. If you mean viewing adjacent listings on a map it’s already possible, if you search listings then all adjacent listings that match the search criteria are displayed on the same map (in the page sidebar).

    2. There’s no such feature yet, but it’s already added to the backlog and I’ll check if it’s possible to implement it with Google Maps API.



    This is what I meant like nearby labels.


    or maybe this is something on my own end that i need to do in the map console with api?

    btw i said it before and cant stop saying again that Hivepress theme is THE best. its fun to play around , i am learning something new everyday its so user friendly



    Yes, this depends on the Google Map settings and unfortunately they are set in the Geolocation extension code, and not adjustable via the API at the moment.

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