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Select package when submitting second service/listing

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  • ThomasB

    Hi Ihor

    I know this topic has been up before, but I can’t find an answer to my specific question.

    I want the following to be possible:
    Each time someone submits a service within the same category, they should be able to chose between the different packages I have created freely.

    Example: A user wants to submit a free service, and therefore chooses the “free” package I have created (I have set the limit to 1, with the hope that it “resets” each time the limit has been reached and the user therefore can choose between the different packages again when submitting a new service). Let’s assume that the user submits another listing. She should be able to choose between the two different packages I have created, the free one, and a paid one (featured for 14 days). But the user cannot chose the free package again – it says “limit reached”.

    Can you help me solve this?



    Thanks, I understand the use-case for this, but there’s no such feature at the moment. As a temporary workaround, you can set a price for promoting a single listing Then users will be able to pay for promotion without switching packages.


    Alright. Just want to be sure: so it is not possible for users to submit two services under one category and choose a different package for each service?


    It’s possible only if there are different categories and you have category-specific packages (so the package selection will appear since packages for other categories can’t be used).


    Sure. Would be nice to have the option! 🙂


    Thanks, will consider adding it to the next version.

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