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Select Plan not responding

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  • artshareco


    When I’m in the memberships page and click on the ‘select’ button nothing happens, it seems to refresh the page instead of redirecting me to the checkout page.


    I’ve just noticed that this only happens to users who aren’t logged in.

    In any case unregistered users should at least be redirected to a log in/registration page. How can I fix this?


    Just noticed the same at my site. Seems like its happening since the update came out few days ago as on another side where i didnt update the extension yet non logged in users get redirected to register page when not logged in and clicking on the button. Free plan seems to work fine only have the problem with paid plan.


    *another site

    yevhen developer

    Please make sure that WooCommerce pages (Cart, Checkout, etc) are created, also this issue may occur if some attributes were changed/deleted after you assigned them to a plan, please try re-saving this plan and check if this issue persists.


    Ok. I’ve created a new plan, with the same details…and now it redirects to the WooCommerce Cart page, but it says that the basket is empty. This only happens to users who aren’t logged in, otherwise it works ok.


    BTW I’ve also checked that all the WooCommerce pages are created (Checkout, Shop, Cart).

    yevhen developer

    If possible send temporary WP access to and we’ll check this issue. If the packages and products are linked correctly (and there are no product restrictions, also products should be marked as Virtual) the checkout process should be ok.

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