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    Hi Ihor,

    Something I just noticed is that although I have renamed some attributes when filtering the old names still appear as below;


    I don’t have any attributes with the name ‘bedrooms’ ‘pets’ or ‘test’ yet there they are in the URL as exampled above.

    Additionally, I not that hive press isn’t very SEO friendly – when it comes to attributes and filters etc.

    In the example above, the old listing module i used which is not on wordpress but DNN the same URL results gave the following SEO friendly results;


    As you can see it is a quite a difference. Perhaps it may be worth creating a paid ‘SEO’ extension. I’m pretty sure everyone using Hive Press would gladly pay for such an improvement.


    Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll check if it’s possible to make the search URL more SEO-friendly. Currently I’m using the built-in WordPress search, because it handles searching by the listing title and description.

    If you rename existing attributes please also change their URL slugs (they are not changed automatically), if there’s no “slug” field click on the Screen Options at the top and select the slug field. Then you can manually set the attribute slug, but please do so before adding any content, for example if you change the existing “pets” slug then all items added as “pets” before will disappear – URL slugs are used for storing data in the database (this is the only unique identifier of attributes).

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