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Setting a listing as featured using a free package seems to break stuff

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    On my site I have created a listing package that is free via Woocommerce.

    Here is the flow for adding a new listing.

    1 – They sign in to the site.
    2 – They click Add Listing.
    3 – They choose a category.
    4 – They choose a subcategory.
    5 – They fill out the ad details.
    6 – They click Submit.
    7 – They sign up for the free listing package.

    Once approved, it appears on the main page, like this:

    But now, as a user, I want to make it appear as a Featured Listing.

    I edit the listing I just created, and I click ‘Feature’.

    I fill out the checkout details, even though its a free product. I get the email saying that the order was completed.

    But the image does not appear featured, i.e. in the section of Featured Listings, why is this?

    Many thanks.


    If I go to the WP-Admin, click the same ad, and, under Settings, enable the ‘Make this listing featured’ option, then it works as expected. But why not from the front-end?



    Also, not sure if related or not, but, inside WooCommerce, I see my test order, but the status is ‘Processing’, does it complete itself automatically? Is that why it doesn’t appear as Featured as the order is not completed yet? How long does a free order take to automatically be completed?



    Okay, so I manually set the test order status from ‘Processed’ to ‘Completed’ from WP-Admin and, lo and behold, it appeared under Featured.

    Surely I don’t have to manually complete every order for a free package subscription?

    Do they not get completed automatically or can that be configured?



    Sorry for all the posts.

    I tried to add this code snippet to auto complete orders using the Code Snippet plugin, but it doesn’t seem to work.

    The second test order sends an email that the order has been received, its status in Woocommerce is ‘Processing’ and I still have to manually complete it.

    Any help is much appreciated.

    Many thanks.


    You don’t have to link a free package with WooCommerce product (packages are free when there’s no product), please check the docs first, there’s a screencast that shows this step by step.

    Orders are marked as processing or completed if you mark the product as virtual, then the featured status should be triggered. Orders can have “processing” status, it already means that the order is paid. Please check the screencasts in the docs, there’s also a screencast that shows how to set up monetization for the featured listings.


    Hello @ihor.

    Thanks for replying.

    I deleted my WooCommerce free product.

    I can create a free listing, but, when I click Feature, it breaks.

    It then goes to the cart page with two error messages.

    How can I get the Feature option to work?

    Many thanks.


    Please try following screencasts from the Paid Listings docs step by step, these issues occur because you misunderstand the extension features. For example, the paid featuring is not a package, it always requires a linked product, so if you delete it then there will be “Empty cart” error.


    Thank you @ihor. I figured it out, I think. I followed the screencast and also deactivated the paid extensions listing. Now there is no option inside My Account, when viewing a listing, to make it featured. I assume that is normal?

    Thanks again for your help.


    It depends on your requirements, if you want to charge users for featuring listings please follow this screencast step by step, you’ll get the same result I can’t set up this for you.


    That makes sense. Maybe in the future I would charge users for featured listings, but for now I start with free, limited to 5 ads that expire after 30 days.

    Thanks again @ihor!

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